Machine Learning in iOS

Part 1: Freud the Swift ML Library

Part 2: Core ML, Shazam for Images

Pt. 1: Freud the Swift ML Library

Freud is a Swift (3) machine-learning library dedicated to Sigmund Freud. This Library is implemented under the ‘Ego’ philosophy.

The ego attempts to mediate between id and reality.

Swift has been my favorite programming language of all time since the day Apple released it and playing with Swift is my daily joy. Last year when I was browsing GitHub I came across  this project Swift AI by Collin Hundley and decided to try it out because everyone is crazy about it. Later I found out that Swift AI is in Swift 2.2 and by then Swift 3 had been out for months already. I could not compile it of course.

Everyone knows Xcode was not good at converting Swift 2 to Swift 3. Given that Xcode converting and minor modifications on the code would not work at all, I decided to rewrite the Swift AI project in Swift 3, and that’s why Freud is here.

And I know Swift 4 is out here now so I’m now doing some converting work.

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